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Lopid is used for treating high blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

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Is clopidogrel a statin drug - is that they're "too good, they stop them from dying". But that's not a claim that comes from clinical trials. Instead, it came from a report published in is clopidogrel a statin drug 2006. It's been criticised for not being rigorously randomised. In a nutshell, the researchers did review of all studies that compared death rates in patients taking clopidogrel with death rates in patients taking other statins. And they found there was no correlation either way; in fact, clopidogrel was not associated with increased mortality in the patients it was taken by. The authors of report, and all the media reports that followed, then concluded as follows: There are no studies on clopidogrel as a treatment of heart attacks that demonstrate a significant reduction in the incidence of heart attack. So why is that? And do the media always assume when someone says the drugs are good that they mean 'they prevent heart attacks'? For one, the word 'statin' has been turned into a pejorative on account of the "good enough" effect it's supposed to have, as if some alternative treatment would work but isn't as effective, or doesn't work at all. Second, the authors of original study - including a British cardiovascular researcher named Clive Pilling - were accused of being quacks: Dr Pilling, who had been on the review panel, has since said he felt bullied into publishing negative results by the researchers, who told him, "The public expects these results." The problem with clopidogrel versus death claims is that even if the studies had been rigorously randomised they would not have shown up a reduction in deaths for those taking clopidogrel. They would have showed up a reduction in the death rate that could be attributed to risk factors such as diabetes and obesity - the very things that clopidogrel is meant to prevent. The researchers who reported on that study in 2006, and the ones who have subsequently criticised it, should been looking at the heart attack data: it isn't randomised, but they wouldn't have clopidogrel 75 mg price uk found any difference between clopidogrel and other drugs because had no effect on heart attacks. In 2012, the Australian Heart Foundation produced its own review on statins for the journal Circulation, published in BMJ. They, too had found no evidence of harm from statins. But then, they didn't have the same data as those who had reported on their previous study. Like the Australian researchers, their methodology was para q se usa el clopidogrel poor and conclusions therefore open to doubt. But more importantly, Australian cardiologists did not review the same data as their British colleagues, and were therefore unable to comment on the reliability of data used to come their conclusions. The US National Research Council is the US government body that oversees the most rigorous research into drugs. They made the same finding as both Australian Heart Foundation and the BMJ: they found "moderate evidence of Where can i buy dapoxetine in australia no increased risk coronary heart disease". You'd expect them to also be the ones tell us what it all amounts to. In 2008, the British Medical Journal also.

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